As a member of the NVPA and as I am registered as a therapist in the RBCZ register, I conform to the code of conduct and the protection of privacy. I am subject to the disciplinary law of the ‘Stichting Tuchtrecht Complementaire Zorg’.
I am also subject to the WGBO – the law regarding the treatment agreement – and regarding that I am also obliged to keep a record.
First of all, the record is of importance for a good treatment. The record will also keep data, which is of importance to your treatment and which I, after receiving your explicit permission, will have requested from a different healthcare professional.
Being your therapist, only I have access to the data in your file. I have legal confidentiality (professional secrecy).
Next to that, I try to guarantee your privacy by:
– Carefully treating your personal and medical data
– Making sure that unauthorized people do not have access to your data

The data from your file can be used for the following goals:
– Informing other health care professionals/third parties. This only happens with your explicit permission.
– For anonymous use for intercollegiate consultation/supervision.
– A small part of the data will be used for the financial administration.
This data will remain in the client’s file for 15 years, conform the WGBO.

On the invoice the following data will be visible, if relevant, if asked by the health insurer so that you can declare from your insurer:
– Name, address, postal code and city
– Date of birth
– Date of treatment
– A short description: Psychosocial consult/complementary healthcare
– Costs
Data through the contact form.

Data gathered through the website will solemnly be used for (possible) treatment and for giving information on EFT.
This data will not be given to third parties.

When you are coached by me, I will follow the same rules to ensure your privacy as well as possible.