Jan Erik van Groen

Independent coach/trainer and psychosocial therapist since 2003.
After an education in social work, I followed a three-year Gestalt therapy training and following that I started a Zen meditation training. In 1998 I started at Bureau Optima Trainingen as a trainer/therapist. Since then I have followed courses/trainings in Voice Dialogue, Reiki, Mediation, Systemic work (organisations/families), short solution-oriented therapy, EMDR (trauma treatment) and EFT 1 up to and including 5. Next to that I have visited a range of workshops: NLP, clownswork, massage, Big Mind, Biodanza, Matrix Reimprinting and Quantum Touch.

I coach people in their personal development and I give psychosocial therapy.

Years ago when I was confronted with someone with needle phobia who already had multiple sessions of “talk therapy”, I discovered EFT. Finally I found a more concrete tool with which I could help people with their issues in a quick, effective and not-so-burdening way and could help people reach their full potential! Everything that I have learned and experienced before helps me to efficiently and effectively make use of EFT and to teach it to others.

For my other activities regarding areas of coaching and training, I would like to refer you to www.kairos.nu